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Gangnam Yangjae Flower Market

Yangjae Flower Market Center is Korea's largest flower market. Divided into several major zones, Yangjae Flower Market Center offers services in every aspect of the flower business including wholesale stores, retail stores, an an auction house. All sorts of flowers can be found here including fresh cut flowers, potted flowers and artificial flowers. Yangjae Flower Market Center is a popular destination for local residents as well as international visitors, since one can enjoy seeing a wide variety of flowers in one place and take advantage of low prices at the same time.

Lost in the fragrance of flowers

At the time the center opened in June 1991, the center was only an auction house for cut-flowers, but since then the center has expanded to include wholesale stores and retail stores. The center has also expanded to include foliage and orchids, artificial flowers, natural flowers and floral materials. The center is able to provide fair deals and stable markets because it gathers and distributes such large quantities. As a result, it is able to provide good quality flowers at affordable prices to consumers.

Yangjae Flower Market Center is filled with the sweet fragrance of flowers all year around. The center is home to wholesale and retail stores totaling an area of 11,963 square meters. The stores are set up like greenhouses, divided into the “Ga” area and the “Na” area. Floral materials, aquariums, birds, and houseplants are sold in the basement of the building.
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