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Andong Hahoe Village 2 Days Tour

Andong Hahoe Village, A village itself as a museum

Andong is the home of Confucianism in Korea. During the Joseon Dynasty, Andong attracted scores of Confucian scholars becoming a pioneering city in Confucian thought. This city also contained the highest number of private schools from the Joseon Dynasty as well as Confucian schools. To this day, Andong still has around 26 private schools from the Joseon Dynasty. This city also acted as a home to the noble class during the Joseon period. Many of the homes of the noble class are still standing in Andong; some are kept up by the relatives of the original owner. Certain homes have established guest house accommodations. 

Andong Hahoe Village has preserved the housing architecture and the village structure of the Joseon Dynasty. Moreover, the village was not artificially created; there are people who actually live there. Three sides of Hahoe Village is surrounded by the Nakdong River the longest river in South Korea. Because the river swirls around the village, the village is named Hahoe,(Ha means a river and Hoe means turning around) and is also called the spinning river village.
Because the village is surrounded by mountains and water, it had never been invaded. This is the reason why these houses still remain in their original structures.
Hahoe Village is also famous for the Byeolsin exorcism, maskdance and Hahoe mask. The Hahoe mask is the oldest mask in Korea and is used in the Hahoe Maskdance.
For the meals, we will take you to locally famous restaurants such as Andong Jjimdak(steamed chicken of Andong in soy sauce), grilled salty mackerel with various side dishes that you can have only in Andong.




Day 108:00-20:00

Collect from Hotel - Drive to Andong(245km/3.5hrs) - Hahoe Village - Byungsan Confucian School - Hanji Paper Factory - Local Market - Hotel Check in after Dinner - Overnight in Andong City

Day 209:00-19:00Collect from Hotel - Andong Lake - Wolyoungkyo Bridge - Andong Craft Gallery & Hanji Making Class(Optional)Close on Mondays - Andong Liquor Museum - Bongjeongsa Temple - Drive back to Seoul - Hotel Drop


 Tour Time

2 Days 

Driving Tour Guide with Private Car   (1-6 PAX)

Tour Guide & 10 Seats Van + Driver   (1-6 PAX)

Tour Guide & 15 Seats Bus + Driver(1-15 PAX)  

Tour Guide & 45 Seats Bus + Driver(1-45 PAX)    





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* Tour type : Private tour 
* Price per group not per person
* Inclusions : English speaking tour guide and private transport service, Guide overnight allowance
* Exclusions : Accommodation, Entrance fees, Meals/Guide Meals, Personal expenses
- We can help booking accommodation in Andong for Hanok staying. We can also help booking accommodation that is not listed on hotel booking website
Did you know? 
Queen Elizibeth visited in 1999. She spent her birthday in Andong visiting such places as Hahoe Village, Dosan Confucian School, Byeongsan Confucian School.
* Hahoe Village
* Photo by Guide Thomas
* Photo by Guide Thomas
* Dosan Confucian School
*Hanok House

* Andong Hanji Factory
*Andong lake
* Korean breakfast table at Hanok house
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