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National Museum of Korea Private Tour


Discover the highlights of the National Museum of Korea on a private two hour tour, or include the Museum on a flexible full day Seoul day tour.

The National Museum of Korea was founded in 1945 and where history and culture are alive. NMK is designed to help visitors better appreciate Korean history and culture, as well as world culture.

Visitors to the museum can understand and appreciate Korean history and culture through thousands of years of history, from simple hand axes of the Paleolithic Age, to a splendid gold crown from the Three Kingdoms Period, exquisite celadon from the Goryeo Dynasty, masterful paintings from the Joseon Dynasty, and photographs from modern times. By immersing themselves in such captivating artifacts and artworks, visitors will understand the deep national pride that Koreans feel for their unique culture.

Our tours begin in prehistory and ancient history hall displays artifacts that represent some of earliest evidence of Korean civilization and culture. The Prehistory and Ancient History section displays artifacts that represent some of the earliest evidence of Korean civilization and culture, from stone tools of the Paleolithic age to gold jewelry of the Silla Kingdom and stone monoliths of the Balhae era, with each room documenting those aspects that uniquely define each of Korea's different periods of ancient history.

The Medieval and Early Modern History section displays historical and cultural items from the Goryeo Dynasty(918-1392), Joseon Dynasty(1392-1897), and Korean Empire (1897-1910), tracing the events, conflicts, and achievements that marked the three most significant periods of Korea's national development.

In Korea, Prior to the arrival of Buddhism, the main religious practice in Korea was that of Shamanism which still holds a significant place in Korean life. The Buddhist Sculpture Gallery is designed to allow visitors to fully appreciate the characteristics of Korea’s Buddhist sculptures, and their beauty. You can learn how Korean Buddhist sculpture evolved over time, from the Three Kingdoms period to the Joseon Dynasty period, and explore the distinct features of different Buddhist statues.

Pottery lovers will love celadon and white porcelain gallery.

Your guide will meet you at great hall entrance of the permanent exhibition hall which is the main entrance to the museum. Here is the map link. http://www.museum.go.kr/site/eng/content/museum_grounds  

 Tour Time 2 Hrs 

1~5 Pax

6~10 Pax




* Prices are per your group not per person
* Inclusions : Certified and Experienced Tour Guide
* Exclusions : Entrance Fees, Meals, Personal Expense
* No entrance fees required

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