Mt.Seorak 2 Days Tour
The Cultural Capital of Korea, Andong 2 Days Tour
The Capital of the Ancient Kingdom of Silla, Gyeongju 2 Days Tour
Damyang Slow & Bamboo City 2 Days Tour
Gangneung & Jeongson Arirang 2 Days Tour
Andong & Gyeongju 3 Days Tour
Ultra Modern Busan City & Ancient Kingdom of Shilla Gyeongju 3 Days Tour
Boseong Green Tea & Damyang Bamboo & Jeonju Hanok Village 3 Days Tour
Jeonju, Damyang, Namwon, Haeinsa, Gyeongju, Andong Multi Days Tour
South Jeolla & Jeju Multi Days Tour



Day 108:00-20:00
Collect from Hotel - Drive to Jeonju(215km/2.5-3hrs) - Jeonju Hanji Paper Museum - Jeonju Hanok Village - Omokdae Observatory for Jeonju Hanok Village View - Jindong Catholic Church - Overnight in Jeonju City
* Wearing Korean Traditional Dress "Hanbok", Pottery Makring, Korean Traditional Musical Instrument Lesson(Samulnori) available.
Day 209:00-20:00
Collect from Hotel - Juknokwon(Bamboo Tree Garden), Sosaewon Garden(Korean Traditional Garden) - Metasequoia Tree Road - Overnight in Damyang
Day 309:00-20:00
Collect from Hotel - Drive to Boseong(76km/1.5hrs) - Boseong Green Tea Plantation - Nakaneupsung Fortress Village - Suncheonman Bay Ecological Park & Yongsan Observatory - Overnight in Suncheon
Day 409:00-20:00Collect from Hotel - Yeosu Odongdo Island & Taking a Cable Car - Drive to Tongyeong City(135km/2hrs) - Dongpiran Mural Village - Tongyeong Joongang Market - Sebyeonggwan Government Office - Overnight in Tongyeong
Day 509:00-20:00Collect from Hotel - Geojedo Island Tour(POW camp, Sea Cruise to Oedo Island, Windy Hill, Hakdong Pebble Beach) - Drive to Busan(90km/2hrs) - Overnight in Busan
Day 609:00-20:00Collect from Hotel - Busan City Tour - Overnight in Busan
Day 709:00-20:00Collect from Hotel - Busan Airport - Fly to Jeju Island(50min) - Jeju Island Tour - Overnight in Jeju
Day 809:00-20:00Collect from Hotel - Jeju Island Tour(South Part of Island) - Overnight in Jeju
Day 909:00-20:00Collect from Hotel - Jeju Island Tour(West Part of Island) - Jeju Airport - Fly to Busan - Overnight in Busan
Day 1009:00-20:00Drive to Gyeongju(85km/1.5hrs) - Gyeongju National Museum - Tumuli Park(Shilla Royal Tombs) - Cheomsungdae Star Observatory - Gyerim - Anapji Pond - Overnight in Gyeongju
Day 1109:00-20:00Collect from Hotel - Shilla Aart & Science Museum - Seokguram Grotto - Bulguksa Temple - Overnight in
Day 1209:00-20:00Collect from Hotel - Drive to Andong(145km/2hrs) - Hahoe Village - Byungsan Confucian School - Hanji Paper Factory - Local Market - Overnight at Hanok House
Day 1309:00-20:00Collect from Hotel - Drive to Samcheok(131km/2hrs) - Hwanseongul Cave - Gangneung City or Jumunjin Fish Market - Arrival Sokcho City - Overnight in Sokcho
Day 1408:00-18:00Collect from Hotel - Mt.Seorak National Park(Cable Car, Buddhist Temple) - Sokcho Local Market - Abai Village- Retrun to Seoul(215km/3.5hrs) 

 Tour Time

14 Days 

Driving Tour Guide with Private Car    (1-6 PAX)

Tour Guide & 10 Seats Van + Driver   (1-6 PAX)

Tour Guide & 15 Seats Bus + Driver(1-15 PAX)  

Tour Guide & 45 Seats Bus + Driver(1-45 PAX)    


 Quoted upon request 

Quoted upon request 

Quoted upon request

Quoted upon request

* Tour type : Private tour 
* Price per group not per person
* Inclusions : English speaking tour guide and private transport service, Guide overnight allowance
* Exclusions : Accommodation, Flight, Entrance fees, Meals/Guide Meals, Personal expenses
Day 1 Jeonju
Jeonju ranks among South Korea’s most popular destinations for Korean travellers. With its historic architecture and buzzing food scene.
Day 2 Damyang
Damyang is famous for its bamboo and has a long tradition of bamboo craftwork. One of the hidden gems in Jeollanamdo province.
Day 3 Boseong
Boseong, famous as Korea's largest producer of green tea, is the gateway to the Daehan Dawon Tea Plantation surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains.
Day 3 Suncheon
Eco-city Suncheon, Jeollanam-do’s coastal jewel..Nurtured with the sun, sky and the wind Suncheon Bay.
Day 4 Yeosu
Yeoju, meaning "good water in Korean," is a maritime city renowned for its pristine coastal scenery and a seemingly endless stretch of coastline.
Day 5 Tongyeong & Geoje
Tongyeong & Geoje, A Picturesque Destination. Frequently referred to as the Naples of Korea, Tongyeong in Gyeongsangnam-do and Geoje, a large island surrounded by many smaller islands.
Day 6 Busan
Bursting with mountains and beaches, hot springs and seafood, South Korea’s second-largest city is a rollicking port town with tonnes to offer. From casual tent bars and chic designer cafes to fish markets teeming with every species imaginable, Busan has something for all tastes.
Day 7 - 9 Jeju
Jeju island. The fantasy island of unique culture! Korea’s largest island, has long been the country’s favourite domestic holiday destination thanks to its beautiful beaches, lush countryside and seaside hotels designed for rest and relaxation.
Day 10-11 Gyeongju
The Capital of the Ancient Kingdom of Silla, Known as ‘the museum without walls’, thanks to the many artifacts found throughout the city. Gyeongju holds more tombs, temples, rock carvings, pagodas, Buddhist statuary and palace ruins than any other place in South Korea.
Day 12 Andong
Andong is the home of Confucianism in Korea. The surrounding area maintains many ancient traditions.. Famous for its mackerel, strong soju (local vodka) and wooden masks, Andong makes a good base for exploring the numerous historical and cultural sights outside the city.
Day 13-14 Sokcho
Sokcho has a lot of local specialties sure to delight all travelers. a city in Gangwon province, is widely known for the beautiful Seorak Mountain, Sokcho Jungang market and Naksan Temple.
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